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As JVGCT’s first initiative towards the Periodic early detection of cancer in the region of Nandurbar, which is 100% tribal and below poverty community, a cancer early detection and general camp was conducted in Grace Hospital, Karanji, Kurd, Nandurbar Dist.
The Rationale for conducting this was that, our mobile medical unit’ team identified that there are quite a number of people who are addicted to tobacco and not aware about the disease cancer in this region.
The targeted beneficiaries for this camp were the tribal people residing in the Navapur, Nandurbar district, Ucchal, Tapi district and Ahawa block in Dang district, Gujarat. 187 people registered and attended the camp, which started from 9 am. By 12 pm the registration was stopped and the consultation and other process went on till 3 pm.
A team of 3 oncology special doctors, 4 General Physicians and support staff made this camp a success. They were able to check all those patients who have the history of cancer and also those who are with the pre cancerous symptoms who are referred by the general physicians.
Grace hospital, Karanji, Kurd hosted this event, also provided the team with accommodation and food.
Medicare Dental and Surgical Hospital send their staffs and they arranged 4 local doctors for the camp. Along with that, Dr. Rajesh Vasave (General Surgeon) took special consultation for the patients who needed surgical treatment.
The food for the patients who are attending the camp was provided by the MLA, Mr. Sunil Gamit.
Medicines were provided for the patients according to their medical conditions. Also counseling and further awareness about the treatment modalities and conditions were given. They were also told about the various schemes available under the Government which will help them for further quality treatment.
Out of the 187 patients who came for the camp, more than 160 were detected with pre cancerous symptoms. And now they are asked for the follow up in Grace Hospital (for the primary care), Medicare Dental and Surgical Hospital (for the secondary care) and Kailash Cancer Hospital, Goraj, Gujarat (for tertiary care and major cases)

There is imminent need to urgently protect present and future generations from the devastating health, social, environmental and economic consequences of smoking and consumption of tobacco and exposure to tobacco smoke.

14.6% of youth are addicted to smoking and other tobacco products and 30.2% of adults are exposed to passive smoking, of which both are equally dangerous. JVGCT having realized this have initiated an “anti smoking - anti tobacco & oral hygiene awareness campaign” among the school children. This campaign is focused on school children, where our project team visits the school, delivers a talk (interactive session) on smoking and tobacco usage followed by a screening of short film on the subject “My Dear Son”. This film is directed and produced by Aswavedh Foundation on ill effects of smoking and parental support for the cause, followed by a question answer, where the children get to clarify their doubts and queries regarding this issue. After this, a pledge is taken by the students and a copy of pledge (for not smoking in life) signed by them is handed over. A student can carry home a signed pledge copy as reminder of their pledge and share it with their parents. Currently, this activity is happening in Maharashtra and West Bengal.

J.V. Gokal Charity Trust in association with Ashwavedh Foundation have initiated an “Anti-Smoking/Anti-Tobacco & Oral Hygiene” Awareness Campaign for disseminating information about negative consequences of smoking. JVGCT team uses school as a focal point to address this issue and believe that early stage sensitization among children can prevent the future loss of precious young generation. This awareness campaign is supported by VICCO Laboratories under it’s CSR initiative. During the financial year 2018-19, campaign reached out to more than 50 schools and 30,000+ children in Mumbai region and West Bengal.

JVGCT have joined hands with Kailash Cancer Hospital in Cancer Control Program. Towards this JVGCT has handed over a Mobile Medical Unit (Vehicle) to Kailash Cancer Hospital in the presences of Mr. Huyghebaert Peter (Consul General, Consulate of Belgium), Mr. Bruno Scutnaire (President, IBA RPS, Belgium), Dr. Somasundaram Subramanian (Founder and CEO, Eurasian Federation of Oncology, Russia)This vehicle shall be used for Cancer Early Detection and Awareness Project in association with Kailash Cancer Hospital with technical support from Eurasian Federation of Oncology, Eurasian Cancer Research Council, Eurasian Head & Neck Oncology.

Beginning in 15 August 2018, severe floods affected the south Indian state of Kerala, due to unusually high rainfall during the monsoon season. It was the worst flooding in Kerala in nearly a century. Over 483 people died, 14 are missing. At least a million people were evacuated. JVCGT participated in the relief measure by conducting medical relief camps. We were able to reach out to people in the three worst affected districts with food, medicines and also the precautionary medicines against Leptospirosis. Food materials were also distributed. All these activities are conducted in association with Kerala High Court’s Advocates Association, Cochin.

Community health camp was conducted, for the villagers in and around Falta. Medical check-up, consultation and medicines were given free of cost to the patients. For those who were in need of further treatment were referred to the nearest best available medical facility. Doctors and nurses from Kolkata were involved in this camp as it increased the effectiveness and the local people could understand better.
Iron, Calcium, Follic acid and multi vitamins were given to the people to improve their general health. They were also provided with two doses of Albendazole for deworming.

Approximately 650 people were benefited by this camp.

JVGCT conducted community health camp supported by J. V. GokalPvt. Ltd. under their CSR initiative for the management and staffs of Hotel Sea Bird International at Falta were checked up for the diseases and other health conditions and medicines were given accordingly. They were also provided with Calcium, Iron and Multivitamins tables for a course of 3 months. Complete deworming was done for them. After the through check-up, they are given fitness certification as it is a requisite and useful for their profession (as they fall under the category of food handlers).
25 employees benefited from this camp.

JVGCT has organized health camp at Katsihi, Dist. East Burdwan, West Bengal supported by J.V. Gokal& Co. Pvt. Ltd under their CSR initiative. The Medical team provided check-up and medicines to the patients. Apart from providing medical assistance, basic health education including precaution against common diseases was imparted and the importance of personal hygiene and sanitation was also explained.
About 400 individuals benefited from this camp.

Intouch Health Science Centre Mao, Manipur, arrange monthly health camps in and around Mao in association with Oking Hospital, Kohima. In these camps, medicines are provided free of cost to poor patients and to others at affordable and subsidized rate. Diagnostic services including ultra-sonography, Lab tests like biocemistry and microbiology for urine, sputum, ECG, etc are also done during these camps at affordable low cost. These camps have benefited over 600 patients.

The major problem the patients in rural areas faces are related to accessibility, affordability and availability. So, Intouch Health Science Centre organized five days Surgery Camp in collaboration with:
- Collaborative Development International, USA
- Oking Hospital, Kohima
- Community Health Centre, Mao
- Rotary Club, Mao
at Community Health Centre, Mao from 13th to 18th October. Over 350 people, mainly women and children were screened and treated. 43 surgeries including Laparoscopy, Hysterectomy, Hernioplasty appendectomy and other surgeries were conducted.

Intouch Health Science Centre at Mary Kom Regional Boxing Academy conducted deworming program for students of the academy. This was done with the aim to improve health and nutritional status of the inmates.

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