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Under National Health Mission and GovernmentCivil Hospital Palghar, surgery camp was conducted from 20th and 23rd February 2018 at Dahanu. JVGCT contributed the surgical materials required for this camp. D.Y. Patil Hospital, Navi Mumbai sent a team of surgeon and Dayanand Hospital also posted nurses for this camp. JVGCT project team coordinated this camp.
About 1674 patients were screened, of which 356 patients underwent various surgical treatment procedures.

JVGCT' project team, along with the social worker from Dayanand hospital, during their routine project visit were able to identify 130 children suffering from various ailment like; Umbilical Hernia, Inguinal Hernia, Undescended Testis, Phimosis, Hydrocele and Tongue-tie. These children and their family were from poor socio economic backgrounfd and hence were not able to afford the proper treatment. This affected their education and also the quality of life.
Adfactors PR, Heligo Charters Pvt.Ltd, Dayanand Hospital Talasaritogether with JVGCT conducts this camp periodically. Maharashtra Dayanand Society (Dayanand Hospital) provides all required pre and post-operative services to the patients which includes screening, Laboratory Tests, UGS, X-ray, Anesthesia& Medical fitness, Pre & Post Operation Medication and also follow up at no cost to all the patients.
63 surgeries were conducted and 3 were referred to Wadia Hospital.

Periodic eye screening camps are conducted in the vicinity of Bhubaneswar. Medicines and the other essential treatments are provided free of cost to the patients who are from poor economic background. For those requiring further treatment, are referred to the hospital given the specialist treatment at no cost to them.

Students who have completed ANM course successfully from Dayanad School Nursing, Talasari, were facilitated by JVGCT. They were given a Medical Kit comprising of stethoscope, digital BP apparatus and Thermometer. This was to encourage and empower them to serve their respective community.

JVGCT conducted “Lamp Lighting ceremony” at Dayanand School of Nursing, Talasari to mark the initiation of nursing students towards their profession where dedication and tireless service is the countenance.
Life experience and importance of service was emphasized to the students and their family. This program was succeeded by luncheon.

Ashwavedh Media Work Production along with Ashwavedh Foundation approached JVGCT to conduct Anti-Smoking/Anti-Tobacco 'Mega Drive' (campaign) in Maharashtra. JVGCT together with Radiant (International) Pvt. Ltd supported this event; in which maximum number of schools from various cities of Maharashtra was made participated in this Mega Drive, where the students along with their parents pledged to work towards this cause.

5000 students have been covered on Anti-Smoking / Anti-Tobacco Drive.

On 24th March which is observed as World TB Day, JVGCT in association with Dayanand School of Nursing, conducted a rally to create awareness about TB. Street plays and awareness skits were played at the places where people crowded. Placards and banners with the message about TB was also displayed.

Parner, Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra
Food Distribution: In association with Shree Krishna Foundation, Nutritious food and food materials are distributed all through the year to the children of the School of mentally challenged children, Parner.

Tagarkheda, Latur District, Maharashtra
Water Harvesting: Water conservation is a key element of any strategy that aims to alleviate water scarcity. With rainfall patterns changing every year, JVGCT and Tagarkheda village community, after looking at various means, started working on water conservation through rain water harvesting. This is one of the traditional way where rainwater is stored in underground, dug-up ground like pond. Before the monsoon, grounds were dug-up near paddy fields and selected open spaces in the village depending upon the topography of the land/area.
During this event, banners communicating about the need of personal hygiene and sanitation were hung so that the villagers could see.

Tree plantation program was held on 15th August 2017 at Shukdebpur free primary school. Teachers and students took part in the event. Through this event students were taught about the deforestation and importance of preserving environment, which carries a lot of importance in today’s context.

JVGCT together with PudhchPaaul Trust organized an event were life heroes, who have achieved greatness in spite of the difficulties were recognized and awarded 'PaaulkhunaPuraskar 2018' (meaning foot prints) so that they will be an inspiration for society.

1. Mr. SagarPatil, who is a Blind person yet he works as engineer and runs different projects on solar system through which our country will save electricity.

2. Ms. ReshmaVallipan- who was Mentally Challenged now works for people who are suffering from Schizophrenia and thus making a difference.

3. Mr. NiteshBansode- who Social Worker working with the street kids. He runs an orphanage for them.

4. Dr. RajendraBharud- an IAS officer who achieved his dream in spite of poverty.

5. Mr. Shantanu Pathak and Aditya Kulkarni, who developed an App for the pregnant women.

6. Ms. Pradnya Mane, a counselling psychologist, who works for the community.

A musical night was also organized together with this felicitation function.

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