Cancer Detection and Medical Camp, conducted on 16th February, at Grace Hospital, Karanji (Khurd), Navapur, Dist. Nandurbar

As JVGCT’s first initiative towards the Periodic early detection of cancer in the region of Nandurbar, which is 100% tribal and below poverty community, a cancer early detection and general camp was conducted in Grace Hospital, Karanji, Kurd, Nandurbar Dist.
The Rationale for conducting this was that, our mobile medical unit’ team identified that there are quite a number of people who are addicted to tobacco and not aware about the disease cancer in this region.
The targeted beneficiaries for this camp were the tribal people residing in the Navapur, Nandurbar district, Ucchal, Tapi district and Ahawa block in Dang district, Gujarat. 187 people registered and attended the camp, which started from 9 am. By 12 pm the registration was stopped and the consultation and other process went on till 3 pm.
A team of 3 oncology special doctors, 4 General Physicians and support staff made this camp a success. They were able to check all those patients who have the history of cancer and also those who are with the pre cancerous symptoms who are referred by the general physicians.
Grace hospital, Karanji, Kurd hosted this event, also provided the team with accommodation and food.
Medicare Dental and Surgical Hospital send their staffs and they arranged 4 local doctors for the camp. Along with that, Dr. Rajesh Vasave (General Surgeon) took special consultation for the patients who needed surgical treatment.
The food for the patients who are attending the camp was provided by the MLA, Mr. Sunil Gamit.
Medicines were provided for the patients according to their medical conditions. Also counseling and further awareness about the treatment modalities and conditions were given. They were also told about the various schemes available under the Government which will help them for further quality treatment.
Out of the 187 patients who came for the camp, more than 160 were detected with pre cancerous symptoms. And now they are asked for the follow up in Grace Hospital (for the primary care), Medicare Dental and Surgical Hospital (for the secondary care) and Kailash Cancer Hospital, Goraj, Gujarat (for tertiary care and major cases)


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